Schedule Voyages IRIS 2017

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Month on board of board nights trip from to Discription price pp
April sa April 1st 11:00 17:00    Open for visitors Veerhaven Rotterdam Veerhaven Rotterdam Come to see more than 20 tall ships!  
 April The "REES" sa April 1st 09:00 sa April 8th 16:00 6 ROTC Rotterdam Amsterdam Race of the Classics the 29th edition. Organized by students and sailing from Rotterdam via Belgium, England to the finish in Amsterdam Booked


Su April 9th 20.00 Wo April 12th 10.00 3 North Sea Amsterdam London Many tall ships sail from Amsterdam to Woollich, to take part of the activities on the Thames on behalf Royal Sail Greenwich and the start of the Tall Ship Race North Atlantic. € 300 p.p.
 April Thu April 13th Mo April 17th 5 Sail Royal Greenwich Woolwhich London Many tall ships take part of the activities on the Tames on behalf of Royal Sail Greenwich and the Tall Ship Race North Atlantic. Sailing trips for companies,groups and individuals. Crossing Greenwich, meridian, approach the Tower Bridge enjoy all the cultural, culinairy food and fireworks on a sea going sailing vessel. by the organization RSG


MoApril 17th 20.00 We April 19th 10.00 2 Departure Tall Ships Woolwich Rotterdam Several Tall ships will leave that day and we will join them while we are returning to the Netherlands € 200 p.p.

April Long Weekend

We April 26st 20.00 Su April 30th 18.00 4 Kings Birthday Rotterdam Rotterdam Visiting the West coast of the Netherlands or Belgium, and via the inner seas Zeeand en south of Holland approaching Rotterdam? Up to the Wind! This weekend we also celebrate our Kings Birthday on the water in stead on shore. € 540,- p.p.


Fri May 12th 20.00 Su May 21st 10.00 9 North and South Rotterdam Arradon Bretagne Direction South, south east to Morbihan, with a few stops on the Channel Isles and for example Belle Ille€ 1260,- p.p.
May Festival Mo May 22th Su May 28th 7 Golfe du Morbihan Arradon Arradon Every two Year Iris joins the lovely maritime festival in the Golfe du Morbihan. A combination for companies, groups and individuals. Interested? Ask us for the possibilities.Direct contact for reservation and group price


Su May 28th 20.00 Su June 4th 10.00 8 Bretagne Pays Bas Arradon Rotterdam Stellendam Afther the festival we will sail in the direction South Coast of England or near the French and Belgium coasts and visit some Isles€ 1120,- pp
June We June 7th 20.00 Su June 11th 17.00 4 English East Coast Scheveningen Scheveningen Memorial voyage Admiral the Ruyter sailed to Chatham.Groups event
June Festival Fri June 16th Sa June 17th 1 Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Rotterdam Scheveningen Festival around the first catch of the harring, with several activities on shore.Direct contact for reservation and group price


Sa June 17th 20.00 We June 21st 10.00 uur 4 Northern Dutch Ilses Scheveningen Den Helder A few days to visit the Northern Dutch Isles Texel, Vlieland or Terschelling€ 520,- pp
June Festival We June 22nd Su June 25th 5 Sail Den Helder Den Helder Den Helder This maritime festival fits Den Helder, because of its long maritime history! Tallships and several other classic ships will take part of the festival. Iris will sail with guests during the festivalFor reservation contact us or the festival organisation


Fri July 8th 20.00 We July 12th 10.00 5 Westcoast of France Stellendam Boulogne A bit South with a stop in Oostende, Knokke, Dunkerque or Calais. Boulogne is an historical ancient beautiful city.p.m.
July Festival Thu July 13th Su July 16th 4 Festival Boulogne Sur Mer Boulogne Boulogne This maritime event organizes sailing trips for companies, groups, individuals. A lot of sea going vessels to see, sail, visit etc. Activities and stands on the quayside, and a beautiful city to visit.Via the Event

Su July 16th 20.00 Su July 23th 10.00 7 From France to England Boulogne South Coast of England From Boulogne it is a "short" way to Wight and the South Coast of England and South coast of Holland.p.m.

Fri August 4th 20.00 fri August 11th 09.00 7 South of Holland to the West Coast of France/strong> Stellendam St Valery en Caux We start from Stellendam, just South Westerly from Rotterdam and sail allong the West Coast to France. Depends on the wind we maybe go first direction England and visit Whight and sail from there to Francep.m.
August Fri August 11th 09.00 Su August 13th 17.00 3 Maritime Festival St. Valery en Caux St. Valery en Caux Iris is open for Visitors in the harbourp.m.

We August 13th 20.00 Sa August 19th 10.00 10 West Coast France to the Netherlands St. Valery en Caux Stellendam With stops in Boulgone and Dunquerque we set sails direction Norht and a bit Easterlyp.m.
July Augustus September

July October Weekends and daytrips Stellendam Rotterdam Stellendam Rotterdam Along the WestCoast of Holland to Belgium or the Northen part and isles of Holland. It's also possibille to sail on the inner seas and visit several nice Dutch harbours p.m.
October Tu October Su October 5 ROTC YP Rotterdam


Sail Competition for Young Professionals organized by students. Groups event
The blue colour trips or activities are Festivals or booked :

Sailing on our ship is for everyone, experienced or not. Our crew will explain everything. Most important thing is you have a wonderful time!

Besides the possibilities in the schedule we arrange daytrips for groups , teambuilding arrangements, meeting accommodation and navigation courses. When you would like to visit Rotterdam we offer Bed & Breakfast at a wonderful location on the water, in between museums, restaurants and architecture.


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