In her 92-years of sailing the Iris has been a safe ship.
However, Iris does meet all the modern safety requirments.
Therefore, the Iris contains abundant means of security in the unlikely event of an emergency.
On board there are: 29 modern life jackets, lifebuoys, lifelines and two inflatable rafts.
It goes without saying that the Iris has an Epirb (Emergency, positioning indication radio beacon) and a Sart (Search and rescue transponder).
All compartments are provided with smoke and fire alarms. There are 10 fire extinguishers positioned at strategic places in the various compartments of the ship plus a self-contained fire extinguishing system in the engine room.
The ship has several emergency exits and an evacuation alarm system.
The crew are fully trained in fire fighting and emergency procedures.
First Aid and medical supplies are also well catered for, in accordance with the strict regulations as laid down by the Dutch Shipping Authority.
The captain, Ben, is experienced and well trained in medical procedures.

Life jackets in the cabines lifebouye Scheepsvlet