Sailing with the Iris

The power of the winds
The majesty of the waves
The beauty of the land and the seas
The hospitality of the people

Sailing with the Iris brings together all those elements into an unforgettable experience. With the Iris you can sail the English Channel, the Irish Sea and the Baltic, discover Scotland and the Channel Islands and explore the shores of the Breton and Normandy Coast.

Sailing with the Iris offers a diversity of experiences: experienced yachtsmen may want to increase their skills, and are welcome as team members. For prospective sailors learning to sail a 'tallship' is a unique and rewarding experience. However experience is not necessary , those who simply desire a relaxing holiday, reading and thinking with some drinks and tasty snacks close at hand, will find themselves at ease and safely in the hands of an experienced crew. The Iris sails comfortably with individuals and small groups up to a maximum of ten people.

Our destinations range from seaports, with their maritime activities to the secluded bays and beaches far away from the traditional tourist areas. The Iris is able to anchor to give her guests the opportunity to enjoy evenings in the peace and tranquility of the bays and beaches. The far cry of the sea gull and the lap of the waves being the only sound to disturb the peace and quiet during your barbecue on a secluded beach.